Sparks Memorial Medal

First awarded in 1925, the Sparks Memorial Medal is named for Edwin Erle Sparks, Alpha-Chi 1884, Iota 1884, and is the Chi Phi Educational Trust’s oldest honor. It is given every year to the man with the highest academic standing in each Chapter and Colony with recipients having to be an active Brother for one full year

The Sparks Memorial Medal is a truly unique Chi Phi relic, incorporating representations from each of our three Founding Orders. The ribbon of scarlet and blue is symbolic of the ribbons affixed to charters issued by the Hobart Order. The medal itself is an embossed replica of the Princeton Order badge and bears the swords and stars emblematic of the Southern Order. 

Since only one medal can be awarded to each Chapter and Colony, the task of selecting the recipients can sometimes be quite Herculean. However, in the rare event of a tie in GPA, Brothers’ involvement in the Chapter, on campus, and within the community will be taken into consideration to determine a winner. 

Brother Sparks proved himself to be an outstanding Brother throughout his time as a Chi Phi. After transferring from Ohio Wesleyan where he was a member of the Alpha-Chi Chapter, he founded the Iota Chapter at The Ohio State University. Later in his Chi Phi career not only did he visit each Chapter of Chi Phi at least once, he also devoted his time as Grand Gamma from 1886 to 1888, Alpha of Congress in 1921, and Editor of The Chi Phi Chakett from 1922 until his death in 1924. Shortly before his passing, Brother Sparks was able to witness the installation of the Alpha Delta Chapter at Penn State, the institution to which he had devoted so many years as its President. 

Sparks memorial medal nominations

To be eligible to receive a Sparks Memorial Medal, the winner must have been an initiated member for an entire year. Nominations can be made by a Campus Greek Advisor, Campus Professional, Chapter Advisor, or Faculty Advisor.

Nominations for a Sparks Memorial Medal will begin early summer 2024.

2023 Sparks Memorial Medal Recipients

Benjamin Anderson, Tau 2024
Christopher Baker, Omicron Theta 2024
Omar Bawazir, Xi Delta 2025
Harshil Bhavsar, Rho 2023
Drew Blankenship, Epsilon 2025
Clay Brockmann, Psi Delta 2023
Jay Gaiardelli, Theta 2025
Max Goulakos, Alpha-Chi 2023
Michael Kaiser, Alpha Delta 2025
Andrew Montgomery, Delta Pi 2024
Brian Nasielski, Psi 2023
Jack Nulisch, Nu 2024
Anthony Orlando, Phi Lambda Theta 2024
Grant Patrick Lansing, Alpha-Pi 2025
Brian Phlegar, Gamma Zeta 2023
Christos Raptis, Theta Delta 2025
Ryan Shrewsbury, Delta Xi 2023
Jason Timberlake, Delta Theta 2023
Erik Williams, Xi 2023
Eric Yim, Alpha Theta Chi 2025