Chapter Excellence Funds

Wouldn’t it be great if each of our Chapters had a source of funding that could be used to provide additional academic scholarships? Or a way to send every undergraduate officer to Regional Leadership Alliances? Or better yet, have funds available to help support leadership training retreats for the entire Chapter? 

The Educational Trust recognizes that to Build Better Men, we must build better Chapters, and to build better Chapters, resources must be available. In an effort to ensure that Chapters have the resources needed, the Chi Phi Educational Trust established Chapter Excellence Funds (CEFs) as a way for Brothers and Friends of Chi Phi to provide direct support to every Chapter and Associated Chapters through tax-deductible donation. Contributions to a CEF are reserved for exclusive use by that Chapter.

Chapter Excellence Funds can be used to provide a variety of opportunities. Academic scholarships, values-based education training, grants to attend Alphas & Thetas Academy or Regional Leadership Alliances, and educational programming support are just a few examples of how a CEF may be used for a particular Chapter. 

Interested in discussing ways to increase support to your Chapter’s or Associated Chapter’s CEF? Contact Executive Director Laura Landry at or

Features of a Chapter Excellence Fund

  • Each CEF must have a balance of $5,000 before funds will be available for disbursement. 
  • Once a CEF has reached the minimum balance, 4% of the total balance may be spent during a fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).
  • CEFs are governed by IRS section 501(c)(3) – this makes all donations to a CEF tax-deductible.

Key Advantages of Using a CEF

  • Gifts to CEFs are tax-deductible while gifts to a local House Corporation or Alumni Association do not enjoy similar tax benefits. 
  • There is no need for a Chapter or Alumni Association to open a brokerage account to accept stocks or appreciated securities. The Educational Trust has the tools and resources available to accept these gifts immediately. Interested in making a stock gift?
  • The Trust provides accounting services for each CEF.
  • The Trust complies with IRS regulations – saving each Alumni Association the time and expense.

Frequently asked CEF Questions

What Are Chapter Excellence Funds?

A Chapter Excellence Fund (CEF) is an independent account held within the umbrella of the Chi Phi Educational Trust that is restricted for the exclusive benefit of that individual Chapter and its members. 

What can Chapter Excellence Funds be used for?

A Chapter Excellence Fund can be used in four primary ways:

  1. By awarding scholarships and grants for educational purposes consistent with IRS regulations
  2. Assisting with costs associated with leadership development activities such as sending members to Alphas & Thetas Academy or Regional Leadership Alliances
  3. Assisting Housing Corporations with housing improvements for qualified educational spaces and projects
  4. Supporting fundraising costs associated with growing your CEF 

How can I donate to my CEF?

Brothers and friends of Chi Phi can support their CEF through gifts of cash, stock, or a planned gift. Donors can contribute any amount to a CEF – in fact, donors can permanently endow a separate fund that is restricted for use by a Chapter. For example, a donor could decide to support a named scholarship for the Chapter or establish a restricted fund to help send Brothers to National programming. 

What fees are associated with a CEF?

Quarterly, every Permanently and Temporarily Restricted Fund balance is assessed a fee. These quarterly fees support the professional portfolio manager’s fee and fund administration fee. Additionally, a fee may be charged on any contributions made to the Educational Trust. These fees help to offset the costs of fundraising and other administrative expenses incurred by the Trust.

For more information on the fees associated with donating or managing a CEF, please contact the Educational Trust at .

How do I find out the available grantable dollars my CEF has?

Contact the Educational Trust by email at or by calling the office at 404-231-1824.