List of Scholarships

The Educational Trust provides a variety of scholarships to undergraduate and graduate Brothers every year. Below is a comprehensive list of scholarships available through both the Educational Trust application process as well as those specifically offered by Chapters. Know that for all Educational Trust scholarships, there is only one application; you will be considered for all scholarships in which you are eligible. 

Trust scholarships

Undergraduate & Graduate Scholarships

Each year Chi Phi awards a varying number of scholarships to Brothers pursuing their undergraduate or graduate degree. Applicants must be matriculated at an accredited college or university or demonstrate that they will be entering an accredited program in the next school term.

Morris Family Scholarship

Hon. Edward Lee Morris III, Nu 1989 graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Houston. During his undergraduate years, Brother Morris served as the Nu Chapter’s Epsilon and Theta while also holding other leadership positions on campus. Upon graduation, Brother Morris became an active member of the Nu Alumni Association and also served on the Educational Trust’s Board of Advisors. However, in order to attend (and, consequently, afford) his college degrees, he had to work part time. Knowing the challenges that come with working while pursuing your education, Brother Morris wanted to establish a scholarship that could support Brothers in situations similar to his own. Therefore, the Morris Family Scholarship was created to honor Chi Phi Brothers who exhibit exceptional leadership on campus and high levels of academic success while facing financial hardship.

Neel Scholarships

A generous gift from Ms. Eugenia Neel in honor of her parents Robert William Neel, Omega 1911, and Tommie Louise Park Neel as well as her brothers Robert William Neel, Jr., Gamma 1941, and Joseph Lockhart Neel, Eta 1943 – both of whom were Killed in Action during World War II –  established the Neel Scholarship Fund. Preference is given to students attending a college or university in the State of Georgia and students from the State of Georgia. Neel Scholarships are awarded to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Ramsaur Leadership Awards

The Ramsaur Leadership Awards were endowed by Cordelia and Gray Ramsaur, Theta Delta 1939, to recognize the outstanding leadership of Chi Phi Brothers. While originally only open to Brothers enrolled at an institution within the State of Florida, Ramsaur Awards are now available to all Chi Phi Brothers with preference being given to members of Chapters in the State of Florida.

Richard Taylor Leadership Scholarship

Following his passing in 2014, the family of Richard Taylor, Gamma 1961, wanted to honor his legacy in a way he had always dreamed of. Education had played a critical role in his success, both professionally and personally, and Brother Taylor was an outspoken advocate in ensuring that his own children had the opportunity to get a top-notch education. In recognition of this, the Taylor Family generously endowed this scholarship to be awarded to Brothers who exhibit outstanding leadership qualities, strong character of heart, and the grit to get things done. Preference for this scholarship will be given to Brothers in the Gamma Chapter. 

Soderquist Staff Scholarships

TheSoderquist Staff Scholarships were established to recognize Brother Jim Soderquist, Alpha 1967, Epsilon 2014, and his incredible dedication to both the Chi Phi Fraternity and the Chi Phi Educational Trust. These scholarships are available to individuals who have served two complete fiscal or calendar years in any capacity on the Chi Phi Educational Trust or Chi Phi Fraternity Staff.

Spaur Scholarship

Established in 2001, the George and Gretia H. Spaur Memorial Trust Fund was established with the purpose of supporting academic and leadership programs for all Brothers of Chi Phi. George Spaur, Epsilon Delta 1925 was a key alumnus in his region, taking it upon himself to mentor and support both undergraduates and alumni while serving as a liaison between local chapters and Grand Council. His hope was to leave a lasting legacy in which all Chi Phi Brothers truly embodied the fraternity’s mission of Building Better Men.

Chapter Scholarships

Chapter Excellence Fund Scholarships

Each year, Chi Phi Chapters award approximately $70,000 in local scholarships and grants through their Chapter Excellence Funds (CEFs). The requirements and amounts of these scholarships vary across Chapters. Contact your Chapter Advisor for more information about awards at your Chapter. 

John D. Craft Scholarship

This scholarship is exclusively available for Brothers from the Iota Delta Chapter at University of Indiana, Bloomington. The John D. Craft scholarship was established to honor Brother Craft’s, Iota Delta 1961, dedication to Chi Phi. Serving as a member of the Grand Council, as a Chapter Advisor, and as an integral leader in the 150th celebration, Brother Craft’s passion for the Fraternity was evident throughout his life. Deserving recipients of this award are determined through the Educational Trust’s process and in conjunction with the Iota Delta Alumni.

Hageman Scholarship

This scholarship is available exclusively for Brothers from the Alpha-Chi Chapter at Ohio Wesleyan University. It was created in honor of Herman W. Hageman, Alpha-Chi 1963, who entered Chapter Eternal in 1970. His family, including his father, James C. Hageman, Alpha-Chi 1932, also provided  improvements to the Chapter’s library to ensure the academic success of his Brothers at Ohio Wesleyan.Deserving recipients of this award are determined through the Educational Trust’s scholarship process and in conjunction with the Alpha-Chi Alumni Association.

Heinlein Scholarship

This scholarship was specifically created for Music or Medicine majors of the Iota Chapter at the Ohio State University. Specifically designed to support those Brothers who are in pursuit of a music or medical degree, this scholarship is awarded to a Brother who is also in good standing with the Fraternity and is actively involved with the Chapter. If you are a member of the Iota Chapter, contact your Alumni Association for details on how to apply. 

Milton and Edith Brown Scholarship

The Milton and Edith Brown Scholarship Fund was established in honor of Rev. Dr. Milton Brown, Alpha-Chi 1894, a noted Presbyterian minister and past Grand Beta, and his wife. The Scholarship Fund itself was created in 2002 as a means of supporting Alpha-Chi Brothers in their academic endeavors. Deserving recipients of this award are determined through the Educational Trust’s scholarship process and in conjunction with the Alpha-Chi Alumni Association.

E. Owen Parry Memorial Scholarships

The Parry Memorial Scholarships were first awarded in 2013. These awards honor the character, leadership, and service of E. Owen Parry, Alpha 1965. Preference for these awards is given to members of the Alpha Chapter at the University of Virginia. If you are a member of the Alpha Chapter, contact your Alumni Association for details on how to apply. 

Tinsley Memorial Scholarship

Capt. John Tinsley was a Nu Delta Brother who graduated in 2002 and commissioned in August of that year. He served in two infantry regiments and became a member of the “Old Guard” in 2004. In 2006, he was deployed in Iraq as a member of Multi-National Corps-Iraq. He earned the coveted “Green Beret” in January 2009. While conducting a mounted patrol in Afghanistan on August 12, 2009, Brother Tinsley was killed. In memory of Brother Tinsley’s service to our country and love for his Fraternity, the Nu Delta Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity established a  memorial scholarship fund in his name. Each year a scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate of the Chi Phi Fraternity at Florida State University who exemplifies the courage and spirit which Brother Tinsley exhibited. Contact the Nu Delta Alumni Association for additional details pertaining to this scholarship and selection process. 

Tolleson Scholarship

This scholarship is specifically for Brothers of the Omega Chapter. Designed to assist those Brothers demonstrating financial need, this scholarship is awarded through the Omega Alumni Association. If you are a member of the Omega Chapter, contact your Alumni Association for details on how to apply. 

Vic Pryles Memorial Scholarships

The Vic Pryles Memorial Scholarships were established by Calvin Allen, Eta 1971, to support Eta Chapter Brothers and to honor Vic Pryles, Eta 1968. These scholarships are made available only to Eta Chapter Brothers each year. This scholarship is a four year scholarship that is designed to help Brothers cover tuition, books, and other fees. If you are a member of the Eta Chapter, contact your Alumni Association for details on how to apply. 

Creating a scholarship

Alumni, friends, Chapters, Alumni Associations and Alumni Clubs can endow and name a scholarship with a gift of $55,000 or more. To learn more about creating a named scholarship that will recognize and reward students in perpetuity, contact Executive Director Laura Landry at or 404-231-1824.