Bicentennial Bourbon Fundraiser

Let’s raise a glass in celebration to 200!

On December 24, 2024, the Chi Phi Fraternity will be the first men’s social Fraternity to turn 200. In order to properly toast our upcoming 200th Founders Day, the Educational Trust is launching a limited edition custom bottle of bourbon. With a minimum donation of $300 to the Bicentennial Bourbon campaign, you will receive the right to purchase one bottle, while a donation of $350 will provide you the right to purchase two bottles.

This special edition bottle of bourbon has been hand selected by Chi Phi Brothers and will have a custom Chi Phi label celebrating our Bicentennial, will be hand dipped in scarlet & blue wax, and individually numbered.

We will have a limited number of bottles available – a specific number will be announced as interest is determined.

frequently asked questions

How much do I need to donate to be eligible to purchase the limited edition bourbon?

With a minimum donation of $300 you will receive the right to purchase one bottle, while a donation of $350 will provide you the right to purchase two bottles.

If I made a donation to the 2023 Founders Day campaign, do I need to donate again?

No, as long as your donation meets the minimum donation for the right to purchase the bourbon you are all set. However, if you made a donation less than $300 or $350 you have until January 14, 2024, to make a donation of the difference to be eligible. Starting February 7, 2024, those that have not supported the Founders Day campaign with a gift at those levels, a new donation of $300 or $350 will be required through our specific Bourbon Campaign website.

What if I didn’t make a donation during the 2023 Founders Day Campaign?

Not to worry, you still have time to make a donation. Starting February 7, 2024, our official Bourbon Fundraiser will launch and at that time, you can make your $300 or $350 donation to receive the right to purchase a bottle of this limited edition bourbon.

Is this a tax deductible?

Yes, your donation of either $300 or $350 is tax deductible and will count towards your fiscal year giving totals. However, the cost of the bottle of bourbon is a separate purchase and is not tax deductible.

How much will the bourbon cost?

We are still working with our Bourbon partner, Rare Character, to finalize these details. We estimate that the bottles will range anywhere from $100 – $125 per bottle excluding shipping.

Where is the Bourbon coming from?

We have partnered with Rare Character, a distillery located in Kentucky to bottle our custom single barrel bourbon.
Shared Pour, a third party vendor, will sell and distribute the final custom bourbon bottles.

Is the Bourbon able to be shipped everywhere?

Unfortunately, no. Shared Pour, our third party vendor, is not able to ship to Tennessee, Texas, or Utah. Therefore, any donors wishing to partake in the Bourbon campaign will need to ensure they have an alternate location in which they would like the bourbon delivered. Additionally, there is not a flat rate for shipping to Alaska or Hawaii (due to UPS policies). To learn more about shipping policies from Shared Pour, visit HERE.

When will the bourbon be available to purchase?

Once our bourbon is bottled and shipped to Shared Pour, we will send the appropriate link out to those donors eligible to purchase their bourbon. We anticipate the link being available in early Spring 2024. Please note that a donation to the 2023 Founders Day campaign does not guarantee you a bottle of bourbon, simply the right to purchase on a first come basis.

When will my bottle ship?

Once you complete your order with Shared Pour, their team will aim to ship your package within 72 hours after purchase. Packages usually arrive in 3-5 business days after they are picked up by the shipping partner at Shared Pour’s facility. All orders shipped require an adult signature. Shared Pour can not, and will not, waive the signature requirement of shipping.

Can I make a donation to a restricted fund (e.g., my Chapter’s CEF)?

Unfortunately, no. Qualifying donations must be made to the Chi Phi Educational Trust’s unrestricted fund. These funds allow the Trust to support our entire Brotherhood through scholarships, educational programming, emergency grants, and on the ground Chapter support.

Your contributions at these levels do not include the cost of the bourbon itself; however, the link to purchase the bourbon will be available in early Spring. Also, please note that a donation does not guarantee you a bottle of bourbon, simply the right to purchase on a first come basis.

The Educational Trust has partnered with a third party vendor, Shared Pour, for the sale and distribution of the bourbon. The Chi Phi Fraternity and the Chi Phi Educational Trust do not sell or distribute alcohol.