Chi Phi is the first men’s social fraternity to celebrate 200 years of existence.

And while this is a great honor and achievement, 200 years is not a finish line. It is instead a starting line. 

Reaching this historic milestone is an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to the values that have sustained our Brotherhood for two centuries. Our national values and the shared rituals that undergird them forge deep connections among Brothers at different schools and Brothers of different ages. The Fraternity, our Chapters, our Brothers—we share the same bloodline. Each enriching the other. 

Additionally, this is our opportunity to support the programs that will Build Better Men and encourage Brothers’ efforts to lead their Chapters, their campuses, and their communities for the next 200 years. We have set the bar high for other Greek organizations to follow, and it is our responsibility to continue demonstrating the positive impact a fraternal experience can have on a man’s life. 

Today, we invite you to make a gift of support to The Bicentennial Capital Campaign. Your dedication will ensure our next generation of Brothers will have the resources they need to transform their Chapters, their communities, as well as their own lives. We hope you will not only celebrate with us the many triumphs of the past  two hundred years, but also partner with us to ensure the next two hundred are even more impactful. 


Ric Perez
Theta Delta 1981
University of Florida
Co-Chair & Educational Trust Chairman

Steve Hopkins
Nu 1999
University of Texas at Austin
Co-Chair & Grand Alpha

Campaign Priorities

Educational programs are one of the foundational pieces necessary in our steadfast pursuit of Building Better Men. Here is where Brothers from all across the country gather with one another to not only learn about their positions or roles within their Chapters, but where they also discover their voice and their ability to truly impact the world. By investing in resources that will allow us to consistently revamp curriculum so that it is timely and relevant, our Brothers will be well equipped to excel within their Chapters and their communities.

Every year a large number of highly deserving and impressively qualified Brothers apply for an academic, merit based scholarship. These men provide countless examples of their positive impact on our Fraternity, their campus, as well as their local communities. However, as the cost of tuition and other educational expenses continues to rise, it is imperative that we can offer these men meaningful scholarships that will allow them to solely focus on their academic and professional endeavors.

Every year National Office Staff travel all across the country and spend hundreds of hours meeting with our undergraduate Brothers, Alumni, as well as university partners ensuring our Chapters have the tools and support they need to thrive. The Educational Trust supports this endeavor, along with a number of other leadership programming and networking initiatives, so that our Fraternity can continue moving boldly forward while also paving the path for all other Greek organizations to follow.

To understand where you are going, you must understand where you have been. Chi Phi’s history is one filled with impressive accomplishments despite immeasurable obstacles. We have letters, photographs, audio recordings, and various other memorabilia dating back to the late 1800’s that all play a role in defining who we are and who we have the potential to become. Through an investment in digitizing our archives, we can turn our storied history into one of our greatest strengths for the next generation of Chi Phi men.

Campaign Contributors

A big thank you to the early investors in the Bicentennial Capital Campaign.

Campaign Committee


Ricardo G. Perez
Theta Delta 1981
University of Florida

Steven W. Hopkins
Nu 1999
University of Texas at Austin

H. Michael Dever
Eta 1978
University of Georgia

David J. Ebner
Delta Zeta 2008
University of South Florida

John E. Hutzler
Kappa Delta 1990
University of Rochester

Thomas C. Leman
Lambda Zeta 2016
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Christopher J. Shuler
Alpha Zeta 1984
University of West Georgia

David L. Skelton
Omega 1980
Georgia Institute of Technology

Educational Trust Staff

Laura M. Landry
Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority
Executive Director

Erin M. Andersen
Delta Zeta Sorority
Director of Marketing and Programs

Rachel K. Mason
Director of Stewardship and Engagement